Why is Masturbation Still a Taboo?

Why is Masturbation Still a Taboo?

Even now, Masturbation Still Raises Eyebrows in our GenZ era. Today, we will be diving into the most breathtaking topic that’s been shrouded. Religion often starring here, pointing fingers at masturbation with a “thou shalt not.” It’s been bundled with guilt and shame in some cultures, thanks to teachings that label it sinful or naughty. Then there’s the sneaky influence of societal norms, those unwritten rules that decide what’s cool and what’s not.

Gender Games and Taboo Troubles

Now, let’s talk about gender, that thing that’s supposed to define who we are but often ends up defining how society treats us. When it comes to masturbation, it’s like a double whammy. Male masturbation gets a nod and a wink; it’s the stuff of locker room banter. But it’s been a bumpy road if you’re a woman who dares to explore. Moreover, gender biases paint female masturbation as something “we don’t talk about,” leaving us scratching our heads.

It’s Time for an Upgrade in our Educational Gap

Lack of education is the elephant in the room. We’re all familiar with the infamous “birds and bees” talk, but where’s the masturbation chapter? However, comprehensive sex education is MIA in many places, leaving us in the dark about our bodies. Cue the misinformation parade! Myths that claim masturbation is a one-way ticket to disaster? Oh, they’re everywhere. It’s time to talk about the heavy stuff. They whisper in your ear that there’s something wrong with embracing your desires. And guess what? They’re pros at dampening your mood and dragging down your mental health. As if that weren’t enough, they team up with poor body image and self-esteem issues, leaving you stuck in a never-ending maze.

Media Makeover on Masturbation

Picture Credit: Zee5
Picture Credit: Zee5

Media, it’s time to step up your game. Portray masturbation for what it is a healthy part of human sexuality. No more exaggerated storylines or dramatic music, please. Moreover, Bollywood has made a movie named OMG 2, which nicely portrayed how important masturbation is.

Knowledge is Power

Educate yourself about the benefits of self-exploration. Empowerment starts with knowing that embracing your desires is not just okay but awesome.

Time to wrap things up, Genz’s! Masturbation isn’t some secret ritual; it’s a natural and wonderful part of being human. Breaking down the walls of taboo opens up a world of self-acceptance, empowerment, and a healthier approach to our bodies and desires. So, let’s break out of the jail and think differently. Ready to make it happen? We sure are!

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